Vertically Center Title

for the text box on the JumpStart slider:

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Font Awesome Bullets for List Items (pdf list)

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Bootstrap Left-side Tabs

The css modifications to get tabs to the left for a standard framed tab block

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Embed Font

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Responsive Video

JumpStart and many themes have this built in, but just in case we ever need it. CSS:


for more info click

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Woo Testimonials Quote Styling

Add this to functions.php to enable psuedo elements:

The CSS:

For Bubbles with “Tags”

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Accordion Sidebar Menu

Shows all the children under the current root item and all other root items.

This is the code for an accordion based on the portfolio_item post type (php):

and the css:

If we want to create an horizontal menu instead:

Then style it including current distinctions and going to vertical accordion […]

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Slider Shadow

For Themeblxd Nivo Slider:

The Image:

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In the event we are dealing with some situation where it is not convenient to add the clearfix class (which is available frequently including in JumpStart), we can add the styling to the div that needs clearfix. So if we had markup like:

we could add this css to clear:

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Custom Bullet Icons for Lists

I prefer this method because it gives me more control over bullet position.

and the css (adjust padding based on the size of the image):

In this case I used this image (your url path in line 2 above will depend on your site structure): or use bootstrap:

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