WooCommerce Filters

Remove related products

Redirect ‘add to cart’ button

Redirect ‘back to shop’ button

Turn off Themeblvd Woo Images (re-enable woo image size options)

Add content to customer emails

helper for above function

Remove/edit tabs (user new callback to edit tab content)

print_r on $tabs array

Hide Empty […]

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Order by Expiration

Using the post expirator plugin see useful plugins

For woo products with variable category query like so; query=”expires_first|catid=248″

using pre_get_posts:

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Grid of Taxonomies

Some options to add a grid of taxonomy pages. The first doesn’t include pageing the second requires adding a second post type to hold the pages.

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Themeblvd Custom Grid

Activate grid mode. Adjust the condition in this code to suit your purpose:

direct theme part to your custom template in this case the template is named content-main_blog.php:

Use this code for content-main_blog.php:

Style the output:

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Custom Grid with Pagination

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Query Revision (pre_get_posts)

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ACF on Taxonomy Page

use get_queried_object to grab the value of the taxonomy (here in the location taxonomy).

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Add Repeating Custom Field to Custom Post Type with Content Filter

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Grid Display Filters for Jumpstart

All three filters for jumpstart 2.0 framework:

A list of the parts with defaults

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Display List of Related Pages from Hierarchy in Sidebar

Linked pages related to the current page. If is root page shows itself as title with all children below. Else shows immediate parent as title with all pages at its level below (depth can be changed, with -1 showing all without hierarchy).

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