Soliloquy Slider for Testimonials

Install and populate woo testimonials plugin: Extract and import this .json file into slider (the .jma-testimonials class isincluded in this import): soliloquy-73-05-11-2018.json.tar

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WooCommerce Filters

Remove related products

Redirect ‘add to cart’ button

Redirect ‘back to shop’ button

Turn off Themeblvd Woo Images (re-enable woo image size options)

Add content to customer emails

helper for above function

Remove/edit tabs (user new callback to edit tab content)

print_r on $tabs array

Hide Empty […]

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WooCommerce MiniCart

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Woo Testimonials Quote Styling

Add this to functions.php to enable psuedo elements:

The CSS:

For Bubbles with “Tags”

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