WP Google Maps in Tabs

Add this to js/core.js around line 932 right after this: jQuery(‘body’).on(‘tabsactivate’, function(event, ui) { for(var entry in wpgmaps_localize) { InitMap(wpgmaps_localize[entry][‘id’],’all’,false); } });

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jQuery Same Height Columns

This requires the CSS flag below to release the min-heights – assuming the divs stack.

Add this flag. Any Css property is fine and any @media is ok (just match CSS property in jQuery – line 20 above).

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Left Tabs with Flyouts

Set shortcode (bootstrap) to pills:

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Pinwheel Image

The markup (using Jumpstart shortcode for bootstrap elements and putting over bg image in the builder) substitute

. the html:

the css (add bg images for each spoke):

Second Option html:


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Push and Pull FIltering in ThemeBlvd

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Themeblvd Popup Function

The popup piggybacking on Themeblvd plugin:

then the shortcode is:

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Narrow Sidebar – Filter Theme Sidebar Layout

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Font Awesome Bullets for List Items (pdf list)

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Bootstrap Left-side Tabs

The css modifications to get tabs to the left for a standard framed tab block

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Accordion Sidebar Menu

Shows all the children under the current root item and all other root items.

This is the code for an accordion based on the portfolio_item post type (php):

and the css:

If we want to create an horizontal menu instead:

Then style it including current distinctions and going to vertical accordion […]

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