Themeblvd Custom Grid

Activate grid mode. Adjust the condition in this code to suit your purpose:

direct theme part to your custom template in this case the template is named content-main_blog.php:

Use this code for content-main_blog.php:

Style the output:

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Custom Grid with Pagination

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Vertically Center Title

for the text box on the JumpStart slider:

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Add Prev and Next to Jumpstart

The themeblvd_content_bottom hook is not shown in documentation, but it’s there and works for this.

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Grid Display Filters for Jumpstart

All three filters for jumpstart 2.0 framework:

A list of the parts with defaults

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Sidebar Hooks for Jumpstart

jumpstart sidebar hook locations:

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Add Hooks to Alyeska (all Theme Blvd themes) Pages

I love the Theme Blvd Themes. Plenty of user friendly features, like drag and drop templates and easy to use sliders. One thing I was missing was action hooks at the top and bottom of the page content. There is a themeblvd_content_top hook, but it is outside of entry-content. I wanted something closer in. Here […]

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