Pinwheel Image

The markup (using Jumpstart shortcode for bootstrap elements and putting over bg image in the builder) substitute

. the html:

the css (add bg images for each spoke):

Second Option html:


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Nivo Slider From ACF Gallery

Use this to create the html for the slider:

then this for shortcode (notice you can add the params to the shortcode directly). image ids will over-write gallery id and show the images directly:

or this to add to content:

and this to add the files for nivo slider (

and […]

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Portfolio Filtering

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Shortcode for Themeblvd Floating Widget Area

On the edit page enter: [jma_widget id=my-id] get the id (which is “slug-like”) from the Widget Areas Page.

Add to text edit screen.

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Display Standard Post Date

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Button Filtering

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Push and Pull FIltering in ThemeBlvd

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Edit Default Portfolio Link Behavior

This filter is in framework > admin > meta > meta.php. for themeblvd_post_meta about line 430. for themeblvd_page_meta about line 97. Notice the condition refers just to the portfolio_item post type:

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Themeblvd Popup Function

The popup piggybacking on Themeblvd plugin:

then the shortcode is:

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Narrow Sidebar – Filter Theme Sidebar Layout

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