Themeblvd Custom Grid

Activate grid mode. Adjust the condition in this code to suit your purpose:

direct theme part to your custom template in this case the template is named content-main_blog.php:

Use this code for content-main_blog.php:

Style the output:

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Themeblvd Popup Function

The popup piggybacking on Themeblvd plugin:

then the shortcode is:

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Title Filtering

What ever you do is going to end up within the h1 tag, but this will keep it out of the menu etc.

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Uneven div Top

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Versatile html Shortcode Wrapper

Sometimes as I code a page I find it necessary to use some specific html to get the job done. the problem is that when I hand the site over to the client and they start editing in the Visual editor there is a danger that they will inadvertently over-write my html (which isn’t visible […]

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Vertically Center Title

for the text box on the JumpStart slider:

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Woo Testimonials Quote Styling

For Bubbles with “Tags”

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WooCommerce Filters

Remove related products

Redirect ‘add to cart’ button

Redirect ‘back to shop’ button

Turn off Themeblvd Woo Images (re-enable woo image size options)

Add content to customer emails

helper for above function

Remove/edit tabs (user new callback to edit tab content)

print_r on $tabs array

Hide Empty […]

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WooCommerce MiniCart

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WP Google Maps in Tabs

Add this to js/core.js around line 932 right after this: jQuery(‘body’).on(‘tabsactivate’, function(event, ui) { for(var entry in wpgmaps_localize) { InitMap(wpgmaps_localize[entry][‘id’],’all’,false); } });

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