Push and Pull FIltering in ThemeBlvd

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Query Revision (pre_get_posts)

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Register Custom Post Type and Taxonomy

This is the standard code to register (create) a custom post type. For more detailed information on these and other options check out the WordPress Codex page.

Notice “hierarchical” is set to true. This will cause the taxonomy to behave like a category. False or omitted causes the taxonomy to behave like a tag.

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Replace Placehoders

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Responsive Video

JumpStart and many themes have this built in, but just in case we ever need it. CSS:


for more info click

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Roll over image covers. Notice that overflow is hidden so if there is too much text the extra gets cut off (column 4). Be Careful when considering how it will behave responsively. Using Jumpstart columns notice wpautop=”false”

and the css. NOTE: this is for square images, if your images are not square divide height […]

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Shortcode for Themeblvd Floating Widget Area

On the edit page enter: [jma_widget id=my-id] get the id (which is “slug-like”) from the Widget Areas Page.

Add to text edit screen.

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Slider Shadow

For Themeblxd Nivo Slider:

The Image:

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Soliloquy Slider for Testimonials

Install and populate woo testimonials plugin: Extract and import this .json file into slider (the .jma-testimonials class isincluded in this import): soliloquy-73-05-11-2018.json.tar

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