Left Tabs with Flyouts

Set shortcode (bootstrap) to pills:

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Malone Box

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Menu Shortcode


To insert the menu:

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Menu Top “Tags”

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Modular Columns Same Height

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Multi column Lists

The CSS:


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Multi-site Menu (experimental)

Starting in 4.7 using REST API – This is JumpStart specific. On “host” site:

On “receiving” site:

JQuery to add current classes (coming soon):

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MySql Move Post Tags

When using Post Type Switcher the tags get left behind (this will move them ALL which isn’t always what you want). UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy SET taxonomy=’portfolio_tag’ WHERE taxonomy=’post_tag’ UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy SET taxonomy=’portfolio’ WHERE taxonomy=’category’

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Narrow Sidebar – Filter Theme Sidebar Layout

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Nivo Slider From ACF Gallery

Use this to create the html for the slider:

then this for shortcode (notice you can add the params to the shortcode directly). image ids will over-write gallery id and show the images directly:

or this to add to content:

and this to add the files for nivo slider (http://www.jqueryscript.net/slider/nivo-slider.html)

and […]

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