Bootstrap Left-side Tabs

The css modifications to get tabs to the left for a standard framed tab block

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Button Filtering

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Change out Icons

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Check for Children

Want to be able to use one condition which includes or excludes pages based on weather they are children of a specific page? Add this code to functions.php:

then use this in your page template:

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In the event we are dealing with some situation where it is not convenient to add the clearfix class (which is available frequently including in JumpStart), we can add the styling to the div that needs clearfix. So if we had markup like:

we could add this css to clear:

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Complex Query Over-rides

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CSS Columns

Need to style code into columns. This is for simple auto-generated paragraph in a post or page.

or for three col:

or four:

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CSS3 Drop Shadows

This is simple stuff, but good code to keep handy. This covers all current major browsers and add backward compatibility for ie. The first number is horizontal shift (right is positive), 2nd number is verticle shift (down is positive), 3rd is radial blur and forth is, in this case hexadecimal color (#3d424d is a dark […]

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Custom Bullet Icons for Lists

I prefer this method because it gives me more control over bullet position.

and the css (adjust padding based on the size of the image):

In this case I used this image (your url path in line 2 above will depend on your site structure): or use bootstrap:

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Custom Fontawesome Icons for Lists

Add to functions.php

The Css:

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