Versatile html Shortcode Wrapper

Sometimes as I code a page I find it necessary to use some specific html to get the job done. the problem is that when I hand the site over to the client and they start editing in the Visual editor there is a danger that they will inadvertently over-write my html (which isn’t visible […]

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Display Posts by Category [shortcode]

Suppose we want to display a list of post links in the sidebar that are in “child” categories of the “News” category (ie “Boating News” followed by its posts, “Fishing News” followed by its posts, in this case from the last 90 days because of the filter). We could include this code in functions.php:


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Add Hooks to Alyeska (all Theme Blvd themes) Pages

I love the Theme Blvd Themes. Plenty of user friendly features, like drag and drop templates and easy to use sliders. One thing I was missing was action hooks at the top and bottom of the page content. There is a themeblvd_content_top hook, but it is outside of entry-content. I wanted something closer in. Here […]

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CSS3 Drop Shadows

This is simple stuff, but good code to keep handy. This covers all current major browsers and add backward compatibility for ie. The first number is horizontal shift (right is positive), 2nd number is verticle shift (down is positive), 3rd is radial blur and forth is, in this case hexadecimal color (#3d424d is a dark […]

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Register Custom Post Type and Taxonomy

This is the standard code to register (create) a custom post type. For more detailed information on these and other options check out the WordPress Codex page.

Notice “hierarchical” is set to true. This will cause the taxonomy to behave like a category. False or omitted causes the taxonomy to behave like a tag.

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Sticky Posts in Category Pages

How do we get sticky posts to “stick” to category pages? The answer to this question turned out to be much more involved than I had imaged. After scouring the internet/codex I managed to found this solution.

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Check for Children

Want to be able to use one condition which includes or excludes pages based on weather they are children of a specific page? Add this code to functions.php:

then use this in your page template:

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