Page by Page Sidebars

Using Advanced Custom Fields Create WYSIWYG Fields “Right Sidebar” (id right_sidebar) and/or “Left Sidebar” (id left_sidebar).

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WooCommerce Filters

Remove related products

Redirect ‘add to cart’ button

Redirect ‘back to shop’ button

Turn off Themeblvd Woo Images (re-enable woo image size options)

Add content to customer emails

helper for above function

Remove/edit tabs (user new callback to edit tab content)

print_r on $tabs array

Hide Empty […]

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Menu Top “Tags”

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Solve HTTP Error in Media Library

Add to functions.php

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Order by Expiration

Using the post expirator plugin see useful plugins

For woo products with variable category query like so; query=”expires_first|catid=248″

using pre_get_posts:

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MySql Move Post Tags

When using Post Type Switcher the tags get left behind (this will move them ALL which isn’t always what you want). UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy SET taxonomy=’portfolio_tag’ WHERE taxonomy=’post_tag’ UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy SET taxonomy=’portfolio’ WHERE taxonomy=’category’

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Left Tabs with Flyouts

Set shortcode (bootstrap) to pills:

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Pinwheel Image

The markup (using Jumpstart shortcode for bootstrap elements and putting over bg image in the builder) substitute

. the html:

the css (add bg images for each spoke):

Second Option html:


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Nivo Slider From ACF Gallery

Use this to create the html for the slider:

then this for shortcode (notice you can add the params to the shortcode directly). image ids will over-write gallery id and show the images directly:

or this to add to content:

and this to add the files for nivo slider (

and […]

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Portfolio Filtering

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